Have a look at this report:

NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program
Published 1998

This stuff was all quite open at the time.

In the UK, British Aerospace was also funding antigravity studies, in the shape 
of "Project Greenglow" - which was mainly Dr Ron Evans, who was based at their 
Warton aircraft plant, in Lancashire.  At around that time I went along to a 
talk Ron gave, organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society, at Warton.  He 
described various aspects of his own project, as well as the Evgeny Podkletnov 
work, and the NASA program.

This was all activity that you could imagine would be described as "top 
secret", if it cropped up in some fiction novel. However, the researchers 
seemed to be approaching it as a totally non-classified and open area of study. 
 For Ron Evans, it was just the continuation of a hobby interest, prior to 
retirement.  And, as far as I can remember, the actual budgets were tiny.

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