I have an electric heater that can be controlled to within 1/10 of a degree 
centigrade, and also temperature monitoring
software that reports the temperature.
I have noticed that early in the morning I am comfortable with a temperature of 
22ºC, but as we approach noon I need the
temperature to be about 25ºC. 
Initially, I thought this was strange because the external temperature is 
colder early in the morning.
The only explanation I can think of is that the house is well insulated and has 
a long time constant, so that early in
the morning the walls are still warm from the previous afternoon, while the air 
in the room is cool, thanks to contact
with the cooler glass window, resulting in the thermostat registering a low 
temperature, while my body still feels
comfortably warm due to thermal radiation from the walls. As the day 
progresses, the temperature of the walls drops,
forcing my body to rely more heavily on air temperature, so I need the 
temperature to be higher.


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