You are a dreamer!

Laws are here to protect the wealthy criminals that also influence, steer the large companies and states. These folks don't like security for people at all.

There are highly criminal states like USA that enforce (e.g, Apple, Microsoft, CISCO even chips manufactures)  by the "patriot act" private protocol that all software/hardware companies code in back doors.

So why do you use crypto keys when e.g the Apple OS is scanning the memory and reporting the key to NSA?

What about broad spectrum dark channels in network chips?

Thus simply forget it. You and we are slaves and only fools believe in security. Always keep paper cash that can't be tracked and nullified with a single mouse click!


PS: There are simple ways to cheat this mafia...

On 06.12.2023 22:50, Stefan Israelsson Tampe wrote:
A much safer computing paradigm is coming if I looked correctly at todays horoscope about what is written in the stars; I think these kind of ideas will be huge and completely change the landscape about how to enable integrity and catching criminals at the same time as well as keep databases over the people in the society. My point is that we need to rethink how we manage databases of people. These databases leak  today and the wrong people get hold of sensitive data. This can be avoided by rethinking how we manage databases and more view them as autonomous systems with a clear rule engine and a thin link to user space, that decides how and when we can access data. For really sensitive data like crypto keys, one could even think of that the rules in the rule engine is codified in the constitution or laws that cannot easily be changed.

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