For "small" isotopes it is easy to predict the shape and the exact 4D quantum structure.

But *shape is not the driver for LENR.* Cold fusion (LENR) only runs if you can transport the excess energy out of the center of mass reaction. This is also the reason why hot fusion is bare nonsense. For a successful transport you need  resonant structures that can accept larger junks of the excess energy. The excited 4-He structure form D*-D* electro weak fusion principally can decay via hyper fine radiation emission. The half live of this decay path is an estimated 19 hours, what explains that it takes a long time to start up excess energy in simple CF experiments.

In hot fusion (torus) there is no resonance - just the excess neutron, that takes most energy and makes it impossible to gain a reasonable amount of energy. A neutron does not heat the plasma! Even worse it leads to plasma instability due to vertical (to plasma flux) trajectories. The neutron usually ends up in the concrete -  the outermost bound of the reactor...


On 08.12.2023 22:23, H L V wrote:
A berryllium-10 nucleuswas predicted to have a dumbbellshape and now the shape seems to have been confirmed by experiment.

Speculation: Could unusually shaped nuclei play a role in LENR?


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