There is only a car mafia constraint.

Initially there was a plan to change accumulators at "gas stations". But this does not allow the manufacturer to charge you 3x more than the accumulator's real value  if you buy an expensive car. It also means that you have a bit less design freedom.

So you will always have to wait for recharging instead of spending 2-3 minutes for a ACU change.

Or simply said: Nobody want's that the customer has real choice. Same with Apple products or many others...


On 10.12.2023 07:32, Robin wrote:

One of the constraints placed on battery design is they should be able to 
charge as fast as possible. However this
constraint is a hang over from the gasoline age. The intent is to allow fast charging at 
a "gas station".
However, in future, most cars will charge using power provided by solar panels 
on the roof, either at home or at work.
This will happen on a daily basis while the vehicle is not in use, so there is 
no real need for a fast charging
capability for the majority of cars, which are primarily used to commute anyway.

The only thing that actually needs to change is the mentality of the car 
owners, and this will happen as people get used
to the concept.

Gas stations themselves will become obsolete, and eventually be phased out 

If an electric vehicle can drive about 4 hours on a single charge, then that 
should be sufficient, on long trips, as
people stop for meal breaks etc. roughly that often anyway, and the car can be 
recharged during the meal.

This implies that there will be a growing market for recharging bays in the 
parking lots of highway restaurants, and
those that offer this facility, will find that they increase their patronage.

Buy electric cars and recharge them from solar panels on your roof.

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