Document processing AI is also making progress. Adobe Acrobat just added a
new feature, the AI Assistant. It works with documents in native Acrobat
format, not a scanned document converted to Acrobat. I tried it with my
book, but it said, "the feature only supports files with less than 120
pages." So I tried it with my paper, "How to Fix Global Warming."

Here are some of the responses from the AI:

*Overview* (generates automatically when you turn on the AI)

The document discusses how cold fusion technology can help mitigate global
warming by eliminating carbon emissions and enhancing carbon sequestration
through reforestation projects.

*Provide a list of the 5 most important points* (one of the many
auto-generated questions that the AI suggests)

   1. Cold fusion does not produce carbon dioxide, so if it replaces other
   sources of energy, carbon emissions would stop. [1]
   2. Cold fusion can enhance the removal of carbon from the atmosphere by
   reforestation. [2] It can increase the amount of carbon captured by a
   factor of ten and reduce the cost of the project significantly.
   3. Cold fusion technology can be used to stop the natural boom and bust
   cycle of forest carbon by burying charcoal made from deadwood underground,
   speeding up the formation of coal.
   4. Cold fusion devices do not produce dangerous radiation and can safely
   contain tritium.

[The footnotes in square brackets jump to the place in the document where
this assertion appears.]

*What are the two technologies used to expand forests in the carbon
sequestration project?* (Another auto-generated question)

The two technologies used to expand forests in the carbon sequestration
project are indoor farms and "cultured meat" grown from animal cells.

*What is the power density by volume of a cold fusion cathode?* (Auto
generated question)
The power density by volume of a cold fusion cathode is 300 W/cm3. This
information can be found in Table 1 of the document, which compares the
power density of cold fusion cathodes from the best experiments to fission
reactor fuel pellets. The table states that the volume of a cold fusion
cathode is 0.3 cm3 and its power density by volume is 300 W/cm3.

*What did the author in the New York Times have to say about forest
sequestation [spelled wrong!]?* (My question. I deliberately did not name
the author. But I spelled sequestration wrong by accident.)

The author in the New York Times wrote an op-ed titled "Let’s Not Pretend
Planting Trees Is a Permanent Climate Solution." The author argues that
while trees can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, relying solely
on tree planting to offset emissions is not a permanent solution. The
author suggests that using trees to offset emissions can be seen as hitting
the "climate snooze button," as the carbon in trees eventually returns to
the atmosphere through forest fires or decomposition. The author emphasizes
the need for more permanent solutions to address climate change.


*What was the name of that author?* (My question. Too ambiguous)

The name of the author mentioned in the document is Jed Rothwell.

*What was the name of the author of the New York Times article?* (My

The name of the author of the New York Times article is not mentioned in
the document.

[The author is listed in footnote 9. I guess it is asking too much for the
AI to go from the text describing "Let's Not Pretend . . ." to the footnote
listing the author name.]

[This works much better than the AI that I installed at
Which, alas, I removed. I suppose it works better because: 1. It is only
running on one document; 2. Adobe tweaked the AI bot to work well with
academic documents, with abstracts, tables and whatnot. In one response it
said: "Please double-check my response carefully. Like many AI models, I'm
still learning how to understand tables in documents."]

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