I recently contacted someone who had gone to the
trouble of obtaining Stan Meyer's autopsy report.

The following was his interesting reply.

     The autopsy report makes no mention of the often 
     rumored "food poisoning" and the death is ruled 
     as being natural, caused by a cerebral aneurysm 
     (this would account for the violent vomiting in 
     the parking lot). 

     However, if Stan did indeed have a water fuel cell 
     which functioned as he claimed, I am much more           
     inclined to think Stan was poisoned and the coroner 
     was paid off to make it look like a natural death. 

     Since the coroner (William R. Adrion) had exclusive 
     access to the body, no one else verified his 
     findings, and he could have said virtually anything 
     about the manner in which Stan died. However, the 
     coroner’s report is required to have information 
     regarding the circumstances surrounding the death...
     and there were many witnesses. In other words, 
     while the manner in which Stan died could not be 
     corroborated by anyone else, and thus could be faked, 
     the circumstances surrounding his death had witnesses, 
     and thus, could not be faked. 

     In this section, it reads: "Decedent supposedly at 
     lunch with N.A.T.O. officials at a Cracker Barrel 
     diner. The group made an opening toast with cranberry 
     juice, immediately after which, decedent ran outside 
     followed by his brother, then vomited violently and 
     told his brother that he had been poisoned." 

     I find it interesting that the coroner writes, 
     "supposedly." I wonder how many other reports he 
     puts "supposedly" on. It is an unprofessional and 
     unusual statement of disbelief. To me this is the 
     coroner's way of saying to the public, "it is 
     doubtful," which is completely unnecessary and makes 
     me feel like he is trying to lead you away from 
     believing that material in this section which he was 
     forced to write truthfully. 

     I would love to know more of the story behind what 
     happened that night. Steve Meyer watched as his 
     brother vomited and lay dying before his eyes. 
     What does he believe? Is Steve carrying on Stan's 
     work, but in a different format...one that could 
     possibly get its foot in the door of big oil? 

     Oliver Stone needs to make a movie out of this. 
     Now is the perfect time. 

Any lawyers wish to comment?   8-)


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