Michel Jullian writes:

>I am not saying such a reference lab can be set up just like that, only that 
>it would be possible, and useful. The US DOE . . .

The US DoE is committed to destroying CF. It lies about its intentions, and 
performs "reviews" with the express purpose of getting rid of CF altogether. 


Putting the DoE in charge of this would be putting the fox in charge of the 
henhouse! If they found excess heat I am sure they would lie about it, and 
claim there was no excess heat, just as MIT and the Japanese NHE program did.

> . . . or better the UN energy department, could set up one.

I know little about the UN, but my impression is that it is a dysfunctional 
organization overrun by politics, like the DoE.

I think it is grave mistake to give any one organzation or one person any 
special authority to decide about cold fusion, or any other scientific or 
political controversy. We must have open competition of ideas, or unpopular 
ideas will be crushed. CF has only survived so far (barely) because Washington 
does not yet micromanage ALL scientific research. If the DoE or some other 
organization, or for that matter Scott Little, is set up as a final arbitor of 
what is true and what is not, I am sure that arbitor will his power to 
aggrandize himself and attack cold fusion. That is what people always do when 
they are given an opportunity to attack a highly unpopular idea.

You have to realize, the public and the scientific community despise cold 
fusion. They will do anything within their power to destroy it. It only 
survives because there are still a few scientists who do not depend on Federal 
funding for their bread and butter.

- Jed

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