Former CIA director James Woolsey made this insightful
observation in this month's "Futurist" magazine

"If you remember, we got interested in alternative
fuel firms like the Synfuels Corporation in the late
seventies and then in 1985, the Saudi’s dropped the
oil down to $5 a barrel and bankrupted the Synfuels

The good news is that they bankrupted the Soviet
Union, too, but they certainly undercut alternative
fuel efforts. People got interested in alternative
fuels again in the early nineties, then in the late
nineties, oil dropped down to $10 a barrel and people
lost interest, again. One of the things that we have
to do is make sure that this rollercoaster effect
can’t happen again."


One way to do this is a floating import duty on
Arabian oil which will keep the price at a level where
all the alternative biofuel, like Algoil, which we can
make from Algae will have a ready market. We can
exclude corn ethanol by other means.

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