Michel Jullian wrote:

Hasn't the last review boosted the "trendiness" of CF?

I guess it did. But mainly I think it served as an opportunity for the ememies of cold fusion at the DoE to attack the research. They set up a biased panel and an absurd review method. I expect they were surprised when half the panel members agreed cold fusion does exist, but that was a minor setback. They pushed through a review summary and recommendations giving themselves complete victory, and as soon as a qualified researcher (Melvin Miles) asked for funding, they blew him off, as I knew they would. They have not given an inch.

Cold fusion is no better off today than it was in 2004, or 1995 for that matter. It is moribund. I think there is no chance it will survive as things now stand. The only hope is for a breakthrough that can be widely reproduced. I have heard about 1 or 2 such breakthroughs, but unfortunately the authors are not yet ready to go public.

- Jed

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