--- Harry wrote:

> how did he {Prof. Jones] get his samples?

If what you are really asking is: is there a "chain of
custody" which would stand up in court - I doubt it. 

The important thing for the NIST to have done,
however, is NOT to have ignored this, but to have
checked his sample in their labs first for accuracy -
and then -    to check into the chain of cusody; and
then to say something to the effect that "this sample
was thermite but there is no proof that it wasn't
tampered with -- prior to Dr. Jones getting hold of
it. (assuming that they want to discredit the evidence
he presents).

That at least narrows down the issue. And we could
move from for there.

As it stands for now, all we can say for sure is that
the NIST - in not doing this simple and obvious step-
acted like incompetent fools instead of real
scientists looking for the truth.


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