>From Jed,

> Here is some news from Steve Krivit
> Sono-fusion researcher Rusi Taleyarkhan has been sanctioned by Perdue
> University on trumped-up charges of academic malfeasance. This has
> been brought about by academic rivials, U.S. Congressman Brad Miller,
> and by the corrupt, out-of-control head of the department Prof.
> Lefteri Tsoukalas. The sordid details are described here:
> http://newenergytimes.com/BubbleTrouble/2008-August-Sanction.htm
> http://newenergytimes.com/BubbleTrouble/2008MizeDarlaJ.AffadavitFeb2.pdf
> The latter is sickening.
> - Jed

Darla Mize's affidavit is indeed revealing as it is "sordid". It blows
my mind. Nevertheless, I can't help but wonder if Mize's affidavit
will be taken with the gravity it appears to reveal regarding the
actions of various employees employed at Purdue's School of Nuclear
Engineering. Much of what I read appears to be what I would call
personal observations, and that has me concerned that such personal
observations could eventually be dismissed as misinterpretations, or
whatever. Perhaps our resident lawyer, Mr. Beene might be able to add
his two cents on these matters. How much weight does an affidavit hold
in legal matters like this? Will Mize's observations be taken
seriously? How damaging is the affidavit? Will it help shed light and
hopefully set the record straight?

Steven Vincent Johnson

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