Here is a message from Melvin Miles about recombination.

Subject: Shanahan's misunderstandings of recombination
. . . If Shanahan's statements about my NHE co-deposition measurements are
typical of his lack of understanding of cold fusion experiments, then I
would not give credence to anything he says.  For example, I did not convert
the outflowing gases to water as Shanahan states.

For my three NHE co-deposition experiments, I simply measured the initial
and final volumes of electrolyte to obtain the volume of D2O consumed.  For
the cell in question (Cell A-2), the initial volume was 91 +/- 1 cc, the
final volume was 83.3 cc, thus 7.7 +/- 1 cc was consumed versus 7.2 cc
calculated by Faraday's Law.  A quick approximate calculation indicates that
the volume of D2O consumed would have to be smaller by about 5 cc if the
excess heat in this experiment were due to recombination.  This was NOT
observed.  The amount of D2O consumed by electrolysis is within experimental
error (+/- 1 cc) of Faraday's Law.

A slightly higher D2O consumption is expected experimentally because the D2and O
2 gases bubbling out of D2O are always saturated with D2O vapor.  This is an
evaporation effect and not Shanahan's entrainment.  Fleischmann's
calorimetric equations have always included this evaporative effect.

Full details of all three co-deposition studies are in my NHE Report, pp.
22-25 (see  There was no correlation of the excess heat to
recombination in any of these three cells.

[This refers to to
which I should add page numbers. - JR]

I hope this helps to discredit Shanahan's false statements about my
experiments as well as his statements about cold fusion in general.


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