Wikipedia has been infested by a cult of denial, censorship, and hypocracy that casts a dark shadow on the spirit of wiki and the freedom of information that is the spirit of the internet itself. The members of this cult regard themselves as sufficient experts in the fields of cold fusion, low energy nuclear reactions, chemically assisted nuclear reactions, and condensed matter nuclear science to edit, deny, or censor material or references written by PhD experts in these fields - while not having attended any international conferences in the field, read the important papers in the field, or even been exposed to the field enough to know who is who in the field. This cult is a disgrace to Wikipedia. The fundamental value of the cult members is the denial of the reality, validity, or truth of the vast amount of science and literature in this field. It is a culture of fear, fear that the precious position of denial will be exposed as ridiculously wrong.

This cult of denial refuses to recognize that the body of information and terminology in a field belongs to its experts and practitioners, regardless how that cult or anyone else might feel about that body of information, its emotional, spiritual, or scientific content. The cult apparently refuses to recognize that is a premier repository for freely accessible articles on cold fusion and related field. This site, Dieter Britz's COLD NUCLEAR FUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY,, and are three of the major comprehensive repositories of free information on cold fusion, and readily recognized by experts in the field. Treating any of these site URLs as "SPAM" is merely a tactic to suppress information regarding cold fusion. Further, the cult is apparently unable to even recognize Jed Rothwell, librarian of and author and translator of books and numerous articles in the field for two decades, as any kind of authority, or his site as a public service.

Wiki provides articles titled: Alchemy, Astrology, Numerology, Magic, Witchcraft, Demonology, Conjuring, Divination, Prophecy, Supernatural, Dualism, Monism, Miracle, Neopaganism, Paranormal, Preternatural, Fairies, Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies, Chupacabra, Wizard, Druidry, Hoodo, Palo, Pow-wow, Psychonautics, and Mojo. If these bodies of knowledge are worthy of inclusion in Wikipedia, then surely the body of knowledge regarding cold fusion and related fields must have some valid place in Wikipedia, because the exclusion of the extensive body of cold fusion knowledge is hypocritical in the extreme. Further, the above articles include linkages to all kinds sites that should be excluded from Wikipedia if is excluded. Consider the external links in the Astrology article. For example, consider the open directory link: Astrology//

Perhaps this link shows a direction toward compromise with Wikipedia. The open directory can be used to form links related to the cold fusion field, and referenced in Wikipedia. Further, an article or articles on cold fusion and related fields might be included without controversy if an appropriate disclaimer written by the cult of denial were included at the front of the article. At least that would prevent the body of knowledge of the field of cold fusion from being fully suppressed, despite the fact it includes articles by Nobel Laureates, professors, PhD's, and scientists working at US government labs. When the cold fusion field is proven valid sufficiently, say by sale of useful products, the disclaimer by the deniers can simply be removed. Meanwhile the field and the documentation of it in Wikipedia can proceed unhindered. That documentation is every bit as valid, useful, and appropriate to Wikipedia as any of the above articles, regardless the emotional content it may have for some individuals.

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