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Looks to me as if the Cold Fusion entry out in Wiki has been
updated...somewhat. The SPAWAR report on "Triple tracks" in CR-39 is


OTOH, lenr-canr.org is still not listed as a valid reference.

Apparently they made it impossible to list LENR-CANR.org anywhere, in any article in Wikipedia. That's what some people there told me. They are a bunch of weirdos! Nothing to be concerned about, however.

I used to be upset with them but I decided it isn't any of my business. Regarding a particularly fanatical anti-CF editor over there named ScienceApologist, I told Abd:

. . . Why not let the fellow had his fun? His hobby is campaigning against cold fusion in Wikipedia. He does little harm. My hobby is campaigning in favor of cold fusion at LENR-CANR.org. The Internet is large enough to accommodate both of us. If the people at Wikipedia countenance his behavior why should you object? Let them run the place however they please.

It is a private organization, after all. They have a code of ethics and so on that, in my opinion, they are violating with regard to cold fusion. But so what? Many organizations are hypocritical. May do not live up to their stated objectives. Life is too short to get upset by such things.

- Jed

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