I was not acquainted with the fact that an elevated neon tube discharge from a 
top globe elevated capacity to grounded 20 ft tower would produce a pulsed EM 
detectable by a guitar and its connected amplifier. Amazingly the strings of 
the guitar act as antennaes from the influence of the tower, and one can orient 
the direction of the guitar towards the tower to enhance or reduce the recieved 
staccato signals. The four inch neon atop the tower requires only 45 ma from 
the 120 VAC househould outlet to ignite in its blinking pattern thought to be 
close to the resonant frequency of the earth. This is only a 20th of a watt 
input to create the woodpecker signal. When the input is switched off via 
utility strip off position, the signal on the amplifier can still be heard, but 
now it repeats itself sporiadically in a pattern, where then the power input 
from the off switch is reduced 100 fold. On the utility strip off position, 
this must indicate that only one
 line of two wires of delivery is made open circuit, and the remaining currents 
that are observed are due to one ended circulations of currents on the wires 
enabled by polar capacity interfaced with alternative return ground pathways. 
The signals can also be heard over a wireless phone placed near the tower 
Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances 

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