The US Dept. of Commerce Census of the American Community Survey  demands:
When was your house built
How many acres does it set on
How may automobiles do you have
What fuel do you use
What was you electric bill
What is you heat bill
What is you race
How well do you speak English
What year did you get married
Is the grandparent watching the kids.
Are you looking for a job
Have you give birth within the last 12 months
Who did you work
Do you get VA assistance or unemployment compensation
What was your sewage bill
Is anyone getting food stamps
Do you have a mortgage
DO you have a home equity loan
Have you attended school
What are you degrees
Do you have health coverage
Are you hared of hearing
Do you have an emotional condition
Did you work last week
Who did you work for
Were you in the armed services
What is you earned and interest income
What is you marital status.
I have never committed a crime in my life.  It says I have to answer  all 
of these questions by law.
If I do not answer this will be my first crime of violation of the  law.  
If take my amendment rights of Unreasonable search and Seizure.   What will 
be my fine and jail time?
Frank Znidarsic

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