2010/3/10, Jed Rothwell <jedrothw...@gmail.com>:
> Alexander Hollins, who also uses Gmail, wrote:
>>No, I did not see that particular email. [the Teller paper in HTML format]

I saw it, even though I use gmail too. I wonder if this because I have
your email address in my gmail contacts. Do you? Does Alexander?

> Ha! I'll bet it is caught in your Spam filter. I don't know why that
> should be. Maybe Gmail's artificial intelligence has it in for the
> father of the hydrogen bomb. Anyway, look in the spam filter for a
> message titled: "How to see the text in image-over-text Acrobat files."
> It is not important. You can read the paper here:
> http://lenr-canr.org/acrobat/EPRInsfepriwor.pdf
> I uploaded the HTML version only to demonstrate how well the
> underlying OCR text conversion worked. It is impressive, given how
> fuzzy the original text is.

Yep, impressive indeed! Sufficient for searchability and
copy-pastability in any case, without betraying the original image
since that's what one sees in the image over text format. Less work
for you, it's a win-win situation!


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