I revised the H2 flow measurement part already.

The first report I will upload today is by Melich. This week or next we should have one by Prof. Levi.

These people are busy, which is why it took so long for them to give my report the once-over, and even they overlooked the part about weighing the H2 bottle. That is what they told me -- I have the handwritten notes, but it is clearly wrong.

The part about the electric wires I observed myself, from the video and photos. It is just a "reality check" observation.

I would like to know more about how the steam was condensed. They must have flushed it out of the room, down a drain. Otherwise they would end up with a very hot large bucket of water. Someone here correctly pointed out that venting that much steam into the room would make it like a steam bath. A medium size water heater at Home Depot is 5.5 kW. A sauna takes about 6 kW, I think.

- Jed

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