Dennis wrote:
"Again I am not he, but I would opt for several small units to prove 
It should be obvious by now, and Rossi has stated it many times... his opinion 
on how to convince
anyone, be they political or scientific or the press, is to build and install a 
decent size plant.
CF researchers have been trying the scientific route for 22 years, and barely 
making any headway!
Trying to convince the scientific mainstream or the press is a waste of time, 
as far as he's
concerned... you and most on this list have an open mind and could be convinced 
with just a few
specific tests... but we are not the ones who need to be convinced to blow this 
thing wide open.
The mainstream has such a jaded view of anything related to CF, that it will 
take a (1MW)
sledgehammer to convince them.  Given the history of CF and the way the 
mainstream deals with major
breakthroughs, I think his sledgehammer should do an adequate job... and, as a 
backup, he is
continuing with the scientific testing at the U of B.  No, I think he's thought 
this thru quite



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