On 3/7/2011 5:50 PM, Alan J Fletcher wrote:
But how does that relate to Levi's February report that the size of the reaction chamber is 1L ... and gives bursts of 130KW ?

Well . . . as I said, I guess you wouldn't call this a replication. I mean, it does not relate all that closely. But it is additional evidence that the Ni-H system can produce high temperatures and high power density. The only previous examples were Piantelli and Focardi.

I would say it supports the claims.

As I said before, if Rossi were the first person in history to claim heat from the Ni-H system, I would have much less confidence in his results. His Ni alloy and his method of stimulating it are unique, and they are secret. That gives me pause, naturally. It would be a lot more believable if others had independently replicated. They can't, because of the patent situation. That isn't Rossi's fault. I think he is taking steps to have an expert write a better patent. That's good.

- Jed

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