On 2011-09-15 23:32, Jed Rothwell wrote:
The heat-after-death event is marked here in the top graph with the red
cross-hatching, between 22:35 and 23:10.


I do not see why you have the Input Current (A) rising at around 18:35
from 0 to 11. I thought that happened at 18:59.

This is from the report:

18:35 The control box was switched on. Over all input AC current was 0.139 A. 
DC current was insignificant.

18:59 Power to the electric resistance was set to the value “5.” on the control 
panel. The system apparently switched on and off the power intermittently about 
every second, which resulted in an input AC current that went continuously 
between zero and 11.4 A.

The resistance was switched on at 18:59 according to it. This caused intermittent readings for some time, but for practical reasons I left the data point to the reported 11.4 A in the chart. By the way, you can see that data points for voltage and currents measurements are linearly interpolated, but that's just for the sake graphical clarity. Of course I'm aware that those measurements weren't continuous. I emphasized that in the chart by making individual data points visible with symbols.

I guess there is no vertical axis left for Power Level.

The power level has no scale, but again for practical reasons I aligned it to the secondary axis (for current values, on the right).

You could remove everything before 18:00. I don't see anything happening.

Ok, will do.

It is a shame they did not start earlier in the day. Lewan says he
regrets cutting off the test when they did. It was late at night and he
was tired. Another hour of heat after death would have been nice.
(Although actually 35 minutes is long enough to prove the point. In
other tests it has gone for hours or days. You could let it go for 10
years and Certain People would still say it is caused by "thermal
inertia" or "recombination" or what-have-you.)

At the very least it should have been ran long enough to reasonably exclude (= not taking into account exotic or dangerous methods) hidden heating sources contained in the black box volume. Also, electricity measurements should have been continuous, and the temperature probe for water should have been put in a visible place outside the black box.


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