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There is NO evidence that Rossi's newer generation E-Cats have ever or will
> ever explode.

Anything that produces steam can explode. Wet coal, for example, is very

> If you happen to be on Rossi's invitation to see his 1MW plant, by all
> means take whatever precautions you like to keep safe. But to suggest Rossi
> is an idiot who might kill the "top scientists" witnessing his invention is
> just plain silly.

No it is not silly. I know several experts in heaters who say that the
reactor is poorly designed. They say that even if the individual reactors
were fake with electric heaters in them it would be dangerous.

Heavy equipment of any type is inherently dangerous, even when it is
designed and operated by experts. Even when it has been run for
decades. Marine engines sometimes catch on fire and kill people -- that
happened a few weeks ago. Nuclear reactors at Three Mile Island, Fukushima
and elsewhere have gone out of control and self-destructed. Billions of
automobile engines have been manufactured and they are among the most
reliable machines ever made, but when one of them leaks fuel or goes out of
control it can easily kill you.

- Jed

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