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    Statistically each Ecat has it's own independent chance of
    explosion at any given moment which does not change over time.

I believe that is incorrect. Boiler explosions are caused by the overall temperatures and pressures of the machine. When a machine made up of several different components -- such as tube boiler or a fission reactor -- the components influence one another. The Fukushima reactor meltdown not caused by one fuel rod uncovered that became too hot. It was caused by all of them uncovered simultaneously. In the Rossi 1 MW reactor, the units are connected. I think they are in series as well as in parallel, which means that hot water or steam will go from one will go to the next, and one will influence the next.

This may be correct, but my point is that the chance of any mishap occurring at any given moment still remains the same. The Ecats don't have in contrast to living beings like humans and animals any memory regarding to what happened in the previous moments to decide whether it is time to explode or not.

What he is doing is similar to what the Wright brothers did from 1906 to 1908. They stopped flying airplanes, stopped designing new ones, and concentrated mainly on building better internal combustion engines instead. They were quite good at this. The engines they came up with were among the best around for aviation, with high ratios of power to weight. But there were thousands of experts of internal combustion engines who were better qualified than Wrights, and who could have done a better job. They did do a better job after 1908. In 1906, the Wrights knew _far_ more about aerodynamics and the physics of flight than anyone else in the world. They should have concentrated on what they knew best, leaving other details to other experts. It was a waste of time for them to work on engines at that stage in the development.

True, but you have to admit, those other engineers could have done a better job then the Wright brothers, but those other engineers didn't for whatever reason do it. If we would have followed thread according your philosophy starting from the invention of the wheel we probably wouldn't have had any computers nowadays. This is what it is all about with inventing anything at all, which makes Rossi with his peer persistence stand out of the crowd as a true inventor.

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