This must be him, Dr. George E. Kelly of the Department of Energy...

The user Rembrandt, found here:

asked Rossi this question:

Guest: Who is Prof. George Kelly (University of New Hampshire, USA) is
on your board of advisors? (The university doesn’t seem to know him).

Rossi: I do not know him well. I met him ten years ago when I made a
test of a Seebeck Effect apparatus in the UNH. Anybody can enter in the
Board Of Advisers of the Journal Of Nuclear Physics (Rossis egen
websajt, reds anm) so far he wants to make for free (the Journal pays
nobody, is based only upon voluntary free work)a peer reviewing.
Everybody is free to enter and to go out when he wants. It is necessary
to be a University Professor in Scientific matter. Prof. Kelly is
specialized in Environmental Engineering, as I remember.

And this fellow seems to fit:

who in 1999 was chief of the Building Environment Division of the
Department of Energy.

"In 1999, Dr. Kelly became Chief of the Building Environment Division,
where he served for eight years."

So I think Rossi is mistaken when he assigns George Kelly to the
University of New Hampshire. He may have met him there, but Kelly worked
for the Department of Energy at the time. In either case, this can be
confirmed with the contact information on Kelly's profile page, and I've
sent an email this morning to him. Rossi may also be embellishing the
idea that Dr. Kelly is an 'advisor'.

Craig Haynie
Manchester, NH

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