A message from Ed --

Martin demonstrated that Nature has a diabolical plan.  He and Stan were
not the first to cause the LENR process but they were the first to attract
attention.  For that they paid the price Nature always extracts when a
great discovery is made. They attempted the "impossible" based on a flawed
model, using lucky material that most people could not duplicate, and
stirred up a firestorm of antagonism from people who were their colleagues
and friends.  They were rejected for reasons both ignorant and self-serving
by people who we all thought should know better.  Sadly, Martin did not
live long enough to say he told them so, and have the last laugh.
 Hopefully, the rest of us can complete the process and gain acceptance for
what he and Stan paid such a dear price to make known.  We will all miss
the man who lead us into this crazy field.


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