Some time back I fought the battle of the E-Cat article on Wikipedia but found 
it too frustrating and in the end even enfuriating as there are some very 
tennatious editiors that really, really don't like cold fusion articles in any 
way shape or form. Their obnoxious behavior have driven off the more moderate 
people and as a result have had their way and have written a very twisted 

Here is a paragraph from the article that portrays the involvement of Hanno 
Essen, and Sven Kullander in the E-Cat as if they are passive observers and not 
experimentalists that were actually involved in a test in an active way:

"Swedish physicists, Hanno Essén and Sven Kullander stated that if the claims 
that they had read were true, then it has to be a nuclear reaction. However the 
claims that they had read kept secret the catalysts in Rossi's device. 
Kullander said it was important "to consider the experimental facts and not 
indulge too much in speculation about what could happen in theory". Saying 
measurements must be made accurately and independently, which is not possible 
in this case, as "You have to rely on Rossi that he is true to what he conveys 
and through discussions with him we may try to conclude how reliable the 
measurements are."[27] [28]"

How pathetic is that? I really can't understand why the administrators at 
Wikipedia allow the abusive behavior of that gang but I have the impression 
that those thugs have friends in the form of a few administrators.

Please consider going to the article, read it and vote on its truswothiness, 
objectivity, etc. at the bottom of the page. 

Please be honest


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