"If I had a nickel for every time" ...

Yeah, yeah ... you know the line. If I had a nickel for every time so-and-so
inventor came up with a clever recipe for LENR success, I'd be a

So ... with that caveat in mind, here's a cheap tip about what to do with
another cheap tip - all those Buffalo coins you've been saving for the meter
... IOW - there is a ready source of Romanowski alloy for Celani type
reactions in your pocket, or center console, as we speak.

The U.S. nickel has been a cupronickel since 1913 and the composition is
rather similar to Constantan:  75% copper 25% nickel with trace amounts of
manganese. Romanowski would approve.

The US Mint may change this soon to save a few, err... nickels, so here is
my advice to LENR experimenters... Save those nickels ! Do not feed the
meters with your precious LENR alloys! 

After all, in some cities like SF these days, you get only about 120 seconds
of parking for every nickel anyway, if the meter even takes them. And a
quarter is actually less value than a nickel in metal value ... go figure.

Strange days, these...


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