OK Chuck, I'll bite on the AC and nickels. 

Since I have borax in the medicine cabinet, along with a digital
thermometer, 9v AC "wall wart" to cannibalize for the PS, kill-a-watt meter
and a couple of hours of time ... everything in fact within a few meters of
the computer ... except, dammit, for the two nickels :-)

... with which to compare against two penny's for thermal gain over an hour.
Yikes, that makes it 2/3 of an "opera," no? Call it a soap-opera if you
must, unless the fat lady sings at the end.


Hey buddy, can you spare a dime? 

... err... make that two nickels, for an instant cold fusion reactor :)

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Chuck adds: One other quickie experiment I tried was a low voltage AC
current using two nickels as electrodes. That also showed heat from both
coins. That was 9V AC via a transformer ...

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