Jones Beene <> wrote:

> I am going to write to the head Librarian to request cancelation of all
> subscriptions to Sci-Am except for one or two to archive. I will cc to the
> mag. editors.

I think that is going too far!

They are not the only ones attacking cold fusion, after all.

By the way, in my news item I added handy hyperlinks to my #2 message, in
case you are wondering who I had in mind at the PPPL.

It is astounding that Ouellette thinks she knows so much more than the
Chairman of the AEC and these others. She is arrogant. Pride goes before
the fall. I would say this column is a gift to us, except that it is very
well written. McKubre pointed that out. He suspects it is a concerted
effort by several leading members of the opposition.

- Jed

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