Hi All,

My first post, after a couple of year's hiding in the shadows..
Just want to settle a couple of things.

Torbjörn Hartman's personal merits (as listed at 
state "Dr.Med.vet., civ.ing.".  Assuming the line is written in Swedish (which 
it is, trust me : ), it says:
Doktor i Medicinsk Vetenskap, Civilingenjör.

These translate into English as: PhD Medical Science, MSc.

So, my guess is he did an MSc in Engineering Physics (5 yrs) followed by 
research/studies in medicine.

CivIng does NOT mean Civil Engineer in Sweden.  It covers ALL higher level 
engineering science paths, that
lead to a Master's level degree, and are 4-5 years long.  The traditional paths 
being ChemEng, EE, Eng Physics,
Computer Science and _Civil_Engineering_

I am bilingual (Swedish/English) and did Engineering Physics (MSc)  : )


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