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The hypothesis is, that the load (the three inputs of the black box) were not connected between the phases and neutral, but between the phases. But, at the same time, the tensions were measured (by error or to mislead) between the phases and neutral.

If anyone would have taken the time to take a look in the manual of the measuring device one would have seen that this is utter BS as it is impossible to do so.

www.industrial-needs.com/*manual*/power-anlayser-pce-*830*.pdf <http://www.industrial-needs.com/manual/power-anlayser-pce-830.pdf>

If you compare the display shown at this page http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=dnn8k0&s=5 one can see that the measuring device is in socalled 3P3W mode (page 13) and not in 3P4W mode (page 12) as suggested by some people.

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