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> From about 20 days are repeated trials and demonstrations in Milan only
> for customers and for about a couple of months in Canada forever just to
> customers.

I see two problems with this marketing scheme.

First, you need a magic crystal ball to know who your customers are. When
you are selling things people often come to look, but it turns out they do
not want the product or they are not serious customers. It is impossible
for you to know who the real customers are ahead of time. It is impossible
for the real customers themselves to know this.

Second, your customers need ESP to find out about your product. Normally, a
company advertises, and presents information on its website. People who are
interested in a product find this information and learn what the company
offers. If you do not make information generally available, you are
invisible. In this case they are selling technology, so they need technical
sales information, suitable for engineers. They have not yet published that
sort of thing as far as I know.

- Jed

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