I only wish that I could cancel my non-existent subscription in protest. The
"capitalist tool" is already infamous for giving its advertisers a high
level of "editorial voice" which is pretty much in line with the emerging
doctrine of corporate "personhood" and other niceties of the brave new
world, so I guess we better get used to it. 


This probably means that a few corporate advertisers and trade groups
already control most of the content of this magazine in hidden ways,
including silencing voices which threaten the various hegemonies - not just
oil. How long before all magazines give the same level of control -
abdicating any sense of fairness or journalistic responsibility, and just as


The unification of advertising and journalism is scary, to say the least,
but actually using that kind of influence to silence other voices is
scarier. Forbes certainly appears to wants to be the frontrunner in moving
the bar beyond even "personhood" . Malcolm would be so proud of little


"You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can
do nothing for him."-Malcolm S. Forbes.




From: mark.gi...@gmail.com 


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Following my last post to my blog on Forbes
r-live-right-now/) my tenure with that organization has come to an end. 


Before the conspiracy theorists proclaim that it was due to my ongoing
interest in LENR be aware that there is no (obvious) evidence for that
conclusion and it probably owes more to editorial policy and poor
communication than anything overtly conspiratorial.


I will still cover any significant LENR developments in my Network World
blog (http://www.networkworld.com/community/blog/96) but the focus there is
considerably different so unless it has a significant bearing on IT the
topic won't get covered.


Thanks for all your plaudits, criticisms, and comments in my Forbes postings
over the last couple of years.



Mark Gibbs.

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