How does this guy know the intimate details of Rossi's design when no one
else does?

UPDATE #2 - Stoyan Sarg comments

In my book “Structural Physics of Nuclear Fusion” I did extensive analysis
of LENR experiments, Rossi method and Defkalion method. I stated clearly in
my latest article in Foreign Policy Journal (with more details in my book)
why must use the Ni(62) and Ni(64) isotopes. The fusion reactions with
these isotopes will lead mainly to a stable copper and partly to an
unstable zinc isotope. The latter will decay to a copper by beta decay. The
released beta particle serves as a catalyst for these reactions. Therefore,
this is the cleanest nuclear process with a known gamma radiation without
alpha particles or neutrons. Low energy (X-ray) olso may exist.

Rossi uses these isotopes and for this reason no neutron radiation is
measured. He also does not produce a lot of transmutations like in the case
with Defkalion method. At his initial public tests with the hydrogen gas in
2011 he probably used some triggering process by applying a HV discharge.
In Hyperion reactor of Defkalion HV discharge is used all the time, but
Rossi needed this only at the beginning to start the process. That’s why he
did this privately and the strong gamma burst that was detected in 2011
might be from this. After the initial start (and at proper temperature) the
process becomes self-sustainable, because the needed beta particles are
generated by the decay of zinc. I am not sure does Rossi need such start in
his E-cat HT in which he uses a metal hydrate instead of a hydrogen gas.

If you not use the above mentioned isotopes you will get different nuclear
transmutations with a larger spectrum of radiation and may be also
neutrons. But this will not help in revealing the secret of Rossi. Until
this secret is not revealed he will be much ahead of others.

This was the reason of my recommendation.

Stoyan Sarg

On Sat, Nov 9, 2013 at 7:48 AM, Peter Gluck <> wrote:

> My friend Stoyan has published this idea on my blog too
> Therefore yesterday I have asked him if he knows about
> some researchers who have tested the idea; unfortunately
> he does not know- yet.
> Peter
> On Sat, Nov 9, 2013 at 5:15 PM, a.ashfield <> wrote:
>> The foreign policy journal has a piece by Dr. Stoyan Sarg
>> Cold Fusion Energy: What to Expect and How Close We Are
>> He speculates Rossi's E-Cats need a beta emitter, while Defkalion doesn't
>> because they use an arc discharge.
>> to-expect-and-how-close-we-are/
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