For a number of reasons, nickel has surged 41 per cent in London trading
this year. It is still below historic highs.
Some of that price gain is supply related, but given the impending
announcement of Rossi (hopefully positive), demand pressure could continue
to push the price higher. Nickel is also used in lithium ion batteries and
with Tesla's giga-factory adding to demand - more upward pressure.
Speculators will magnify this trend.
Yet - Palladium is at $863/oz and nickel is about ~$9/pound. The price
difference is a ratio of about 1500:1 by weight.
Since Mizuno's recent positive testing uses deuterium with nickel, then as a
future trend we may be seeing the demise of palladium as having much of a
viable role in LENR, except possibly as a few percent in an alloy or as a
surface plating. The reasoning is that if deuterium works well with nickel
electrodes, as Mizuno indicates - then why would anyone want to pay hundreds
of times more for palladium? It may not work as well, much less better.
However, there is evidence that an alloy of 90%Ni and 10%Pd is superior to
nickel alone.
Even if the price of nickel doubles, relative to Pd, it will still be 750
times cheaper by weight.

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