Talk about Lenr suffering under the weight of many theories, that's nothing
compared to the many dozens of theories that now attempt to explain where
subatomic particles come from and where they get their mass. Yes, we heard
the the Higgs mechanism was the answer after the 60 year effort to
successfully describe how a particle gets its mass. Particle Physics just
does't like the lite weight of the Higgs Boson. The particle guys feel free
to invent dozens of alternative theories that are still competing with the
still top of the heap Higgs theory. These theories are grouped under the
title of “The Technicolor Higgs” theories. These theories purport to
explain how the weak force  works as a more fundamental theory than the
Higgs theory now is. The Higgs boson is now a composite particle comprised
of N numbers of Techo-Higgs particles.

Those physicists are hypocrites when they criticize Lenr for not being well
grounded in a single theory and Lenr has been at it for only 25 years. The
Higgs theory is more than 50 years in the making with no end in sight.


The Technicolor Higgs in the light of LHC data

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