Peter Amstutz wrote:
> Yes, we really want to be able to import your VRML worlds into VOS...
> Reed, how's it coming?  

Current task is to plug curl into OpenVRML so it can fetch URLs; then
after some tweaking it will be able to load static scenes.  Next, fixing
any rendering problems that remain.  Next, avoiding duplicate objects
when a VRML node is reused with USE.  Next, finally hooking into the
OpenVRML event system enough for basic ROUTE support, maybe give some
scripts a shot.  I doubt that your pirate ship will be as exciting
anytime soon, hermetic, until we get through all of that to event
processing :( sorry. But hopefully all the geometry will be accessible soon.

Currently however TerAngreal is crashing on me.  I am halfway into a few
improvements to preferences/saving your avatar, but I need to figure out
this crash first.

No other plans for this weekend yet so maybe there will be a little
progress then.


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