On Jul 10, 2005, at 1:46 AM, Morbid Morvick wrote:
6. untarred win lib package for boost and wx in home directory
7. ran ./configure script using --with-boost=vos-win32-mingw-libs-0.21/include/ 8. ran ./configure script using --with-boost=vos-win32-mingw-libs-0.21/include/boost
9. ran ./configure script using --with-boost=vos-win32-mingw-libs-0.21/
and got the following errors
10. error: VOS requires the boost (http://www.boost.org) thread library and headers for thread support

If you look at config.log you can see more details about what configure did, specifcally to test for boost and the error messages.

Tetron will be the authority on this since i've never built vos on win, but the win32-mingw-libs seems to be intended for use with MinGW (and MSys for additional tools), not cygwin.

But post your config.log.

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