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On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, res wrote:

Don't know if you have tried yet, but check out gdb-6.3 (from mingw.org,
a bit down the downloads list). I had to do some (little) debugging
recently, and while gdb-5.something failed to get CS plugin debug info,
6.3 worked well in this regard.

Ok, good suggestion.  I'll look into that.

By the way, when I run anything in gdb, I get the following warning over and over and over again:

Invalid Address specified to RtlFreeHeap( XXXXXX, XXXXXX )

I thought maybe it was the multiple-heaps issue with Windows DLLs, except that a) I can continue and it doesn't crash and b) I'm pretty sure mingw compiles everything against the same C runtime DLL (msvcrt.dll), so there should only *be* one heap. Have you ever seen this before?

There are the "Debugging Tools" which also contain a GUI debugger,
WinDbg. I never used it, though.

Aha, I'll look for that.

The VC 2003 Toolkit is limited in other regards, too. For example, it
doesn't get shipped with the libraries to link with the DLL version of
the C runtime (msvcr71.dll). If you google around, you'll find
instructions and workarounds to use the VC Toolkit for a number of OSS
projects - but it seems it's actually a bit of work to get the VC
Toolkit properly support a project.

What's the difference between msvcrt.dll and msvcr71.dll? I thought the latter is just a newer version shipped with the newer compiler, or is it more complicated than that?

What limits do you mean? At least CrystalSpace compiles with it. There
were some rough edges first, though, but I eventually sorted them out.

Well, specifically the inability to add include search paths, so I couldn't point it at the Win32 SDK. I eventually googled and found the instructions on a Microsoft developers fucking BLOG (great documentation guys), but when I tried it it didn't work (although I didn't spend that much time tinkering with it).

I would very much appreciate some hints on how to compile Crystal Space with VC++ Express Beta 2.

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