msvcrt.dll is the old dll, msvcr71.dll is the .net dll

The import libraries have teh same name in each case (msvcrt.lib, msvcprt.lib) but point towards a differently named dll, one of those above, depending on the compiler version.

On 8/15/05, Peter Amstutz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, res wrote:

> Don't know if you have tried yet, but check out gdb-6.3 (from,
> a bit down the downloads list). I had to do some (little) debugging
> recently, and while gdb-5.something failed to get CS plugin debug info,
> 6.3 worked well in this regard.

Ok, good suggestion.  I'll look into that.

By the way, when I run anything in gdb, I get the following warning over
and over and over again:

Invalid Address specified to RtlFreeHeap( XXXXXX, XXXXXX )

I thought maybe it was the multiple-heaps issue with Windows DLLs, except
that a) I can continue and it doesn't crash and b) I'm pretty sure mingw
compiles everything against the same C runtime DLL (msvcrt.dll), so there
should only *be* one heap.  Have you ever seen this before?

> There are the "Debugging Tools" which also contain a GUI debugger,
> WinDbg. I never used it, though.

Aha, I'll look for that.

> The VC 2003 Toolkit is limited in other regards, too. For example, it
> doesn't get shipped with the libraries to link with the DLL version of
> the C runtime (msvcr71.dll). If you google around, you'll find
> instructions and workarounds to use the VC Toolkit for a number of OSS
> projects - but it seems it's actually a bit of work to get the VC
> Toolkit properly support a project.

What's the difference between msvcrt.dll and msvcr71.dll?  I thought the
latter is just a newer version shipped with the newer compiler, or is it
more complicated than that?

> What limits do you mean? At least CrystalSpace compiles with it. There
> were some rough edges first, though, but I eventually sorted them out.

Well, specifically the inability to add include search paths, so I
couldn't point it at the Win32 SDK.  I eventually googled and found the
instructions on a Microsoft developers fucking BLOG (great documentation
guys), but when I tried it it didn't work (although I didn't spend that
much time tinkering with it).

I would very much appreciate some hints on how to compile Crystal Space
with VC++ Express Beta 2.

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