I am using libase to read *.ASE files as the input format for a converter to a custom 3D format used by a particular game.

The format consists of 1 or more meshes (which my program already handles) and then it consists of "effect points". An "effect point" is bascly a 4 x 4 3D transformation matrix with a special name that the game interpretes (e.g. to bring in a particle effect file or to position a light source). Can anyone suggest a suitable way for the users of my importer (who use 3D programs like 3D Studio MAX, anim8tor, milkshape and others and then use various converters and plugins to get the *.ASE file) to put something into the 3D model to indicate the "effect point" so that I can then get it at via libase?

There is also another format that has skeletal animation, how can I handle that with libase?

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