This site is a giant list of web CMS (content management systems).

Take a look at the search page:

If you hold your mouse over one of the critera it explains what it means.

This shows us what kinds of features people want in a CMS (and what they call
them).  This can indicate some possible future features for Hypervos, and
therefore also for VOS in general.

Some of them are:

  * Hooking authentication into existing systems like LDAP and NIS
  * Versioning (half done in VOS already)
  * Keeping track of who did what
  * Shortcuts like resizing images for you, macros for formatting, spell check,
   automatically converting files of various formats, pre-made "applications",
  * Support multiple languages, including linking translations of original

Now, not all CMS features make sense for Hypervos, which I think is best 
used as a free-form site-structuring system; more wiki-like rather 
than blog-like.  But having some of these bits and pieces in VOS in 
general, and in Hypervos, and in editing tools like a GUI object editor
(Metalurgy 2.0...) would be very useful.

Anyway, some possible hypervos features for people to think about if they are
interested in augmenting hypervos. I think it could end up being an important
application of VOS in the future.


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