I have a semi-functional extension for "server-side" python scripting.
You can `bzr get` it from http://lalo.revisioncontrol.net/bzr/vos-python/

By semi-functional I mean:

- You can run python code that interacts with vobjects and messages,
from C++

- You can't yet store such python code on a Property

- You can read such code from a file or string

- You can't yet set up such code to handle a message for you (unless you
hack vos)

The last point merits discussion.  Pasting from IRC:

(08:13:27) lalo: I have an API question/request
(08:14:38) lalo: how come we have a public, subclassable MessageDispatch
abstract class, and the message handlers are stored in a list of
pointers to this abstract class...
(08:15:27) lalo: *but*, the list itself is private, and there are no
public methods that allow you to use any other kind of message dispatch
(08:16:45) lalo: this smells like something to be refactored... either
expose the feature somehow (I played locally with adding a
addMessageHandler method that accepts a MessageDispatch*) or get rid of
the abstract class
(08:18:29) lalo: concrete case: I'm playing with python scripting, and I
want message handlers that don't consist on calling a method on the
metaobject.  It can be implemented as calling a method on a wrapper
object if it ends up being necessary, but I'd rather have a different
MessageDispatch subclass.

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