To all newer on this list, Im developing a browser based build-up 3d

pirates-game, technic is php/mysql/vrml. While shared events are possible
with that, its a lot of work to make a system vos already has, including
  its stabile 3dchat. (some screenshots:
notice the lack of shadows and the bad water of the old vrml viewer used)

Check out Puzzle Pirates from 3-rings design.
I can tell you some of the better ideas they had, that they chose to do

When your ship reaches an island, at one time, you could send your pirates
all out foraging.
Purportedly, they would spend their "jobbing hours" (of which you have up to
twenty-four, collected over the course of real-life hours) to go out and
forage various areas and retreive wood, stone, plants, and gems to sell or
use in making in-game items (swords, clothes, cannonballs, rum, and even
ships)... Though more recently, wood, stone, plants, and gems have been
replaced with useless fruit, useless gems, and useless ore, that can only be
sold for money.

The devs claimed that foraging ruinned their game, but it is only because
they "repopulated their islands" on a schedule with a percentage of certain
items... The way they were doing it, the islands would run out of stuff to
forage, and then mystically, stuff would reappear on the island, all at
once. People figured out when the stuff was populating itself on the island,
and foraged all the goods out of it. ThreeRings could have picked from that
percentage every time someone clicked the 'forage' button, or even made it
where pirates had to explore the island and click on a tree to forage wood,
but apparently they were too reserved to try such daring and innovative
functional approaches.

I'm not suggesting that you do such a thing with your game, but it does seem
like a good start to a pirateful economy.
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