Oh believe me, we have plenty of experience running servers out of an 
apartment over both cable and DSL [1], and it's not worth the effort.  
Running a server over a cable modem is slow (poor upload speed), 
unreliable, has dynamic IP addresses, stupid rules about running servers 
(you're not supposed to), tend to be blacklisted by other mail hosts 
(because most mail coming from residential IP blocks is zombie boxes 
sending spam) and if the power goes out most likely your server goes 

[1] Fiber still isn't available in most areas, and a straight T1 line 
runs something like $250/month.

So in my experience it's worth the cost to take that server and put it 
on a rack in a data center with fast connection to the backbone, a 
static IP, redundant power and network hookups and a policy that says 
you can do whatever you want (except send spam :-)

On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 12:47:14AM -0700, S Mattison wrote:
> Ouch!
> You know, I used to run my own webserver off of my 800mhz Windows98 laptop,
> over dialup? A simple DSL connection would cost maybe 25$ a month, and
> leaving your machine on overnight all month; negligible price. The cost of
> the server software? Absolutely free. Of course, the domain name costs you,
> what, 5$ yearly?
> Overall, in my opinion, it would save you over 800$ if you ran your own
> server, as compared to what it's costing now. (Interreality isn't on a T-1
> line, is it? Because that's about how much a fiber-optic line in your home
> would cost...)
> -Steve

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