On Mon, Jan 15, 2007 at 02:34:06PM +0100, swe wrote:
> Its nice that one can use blender to convert models, but thats another 
> barrier to download, keeping people from attending.

It's much easier to develop a world in a modeling program than by hand. 
Hacking a XOD file (or a VRML) file can only really get you so far.

That said, doing online tweaks and small edits is essential. The old 
terangreal had a basic GUI for editing object properties but the current 
version doesn't have that yet.  I've been thinking about how to do that. 
I think what would be best is to have a seperate library that implements 
a Vobject editing GUI in wxWidgets, so you could reuse that GUI within 
Terangreal, or in a standalone editor. It would present a tab for each 
type that a vobject has with type-specific controls (e.g. an A3DL 
objet3d would have controls to change its texture, material, position, 
etc.)  It could also have ways to manipulate the vobject structure and 
just edit any property. (Currently you need to use mesh to do that kind 
of thing but it's a command-line text tool.)

Right now you can export a COD from Blender. A3DL doesn't support all of 
Blender's features so not everything will work right in terms of 
textures and lighting, but all normal geometry should work.

You can also export an ASE file from 3D Studio Max (and mabye other 
programs)? And use a little command line tool to convert that to a COD. 
  (though it would be nice to have an omnivos plugin which could load 
ASE files directly perhaps).

Are there other modeling tools that it would be nice to support? 
Sketchup would be a good one I think, it's really easy to use and is 
becoming popular and well known through its association with Google Earth.


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