Also spracht reed (Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:35:40 -0500):
> I updated the "Road Map" page on the Wiki to reflect S5 plans.  Pete,
> please correct it if it's a bit off.  This is just a general guideline,
> we don't really know yet when the first S5 release will be, or whether
> it will be a "1.0" release or a beta or testing prerelease that is less
> easy to use.


I think you're very much on spot on the grand total of features, but 
maybe I'd sort them differently :-)

It's not up to me, but I'd do a more "testing" r1 (r0?) earlier, maybe as 
soon as spring.  That would probably entail not having any networking, or 
access control, or chat, or persistence, or something else that would 
seem pretty essential; but it would allow interested people to play with 
the development model and tools, and even write content.

On the other hand, some things that are in your r2 will be there in r1 in 
summer, or even "r0" in spring, because I'm working on them ;-) for one, 
hypervos is already alive and kicking in the form of an Apache mod_vos; 
I'm busy adding useful tools to that box, and I intend to have a mod_vos 
powered site up by the end of February, maybe mid-March if work rears its 
head too much.  And the first scripting language will be there a week 
after Peter adds marshaling (which language that will be depends greatly 
on my mood that week, though).

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