On Sat, Feb 16, 2008 at 05:27:38AM +0000, Lalo Martins wrote:
> Also spracht Lalo Martins (Fri, 15 Feb 2008 06:20:22 +0000):
> > (Now, on my original design, web pages would be "transient views",
> > meaning, there is a ViewImplementation that writes to the WebRequest,
> > but it never actually returns a View.  This feature has been lost on
> > Peter's implementation, but we plan to bring it back later on; just not
> > a very high priority.  For now, by not attaching the View to any site,
> > the ViewImplementation can make sure it's collected in the next gc
> > cycle.)
> Er, except we have no gc at the moment :-D so even things like the 
> WebRequest object will just linger forever in the Site's vobjectTable 
> until the process is restarted.

What do you mean by "garbage collection" in this context? Although I've 
toyed with the idea of using the Boehm collector, the current automatic 
memory management system (which I assume is what you're referring to) is 
just based on reference counts.

> I went ahead and re-added transient views, essentially by moving the 
> createView() logic from the ViewFactory to the ViewImplementation, where 
> it can be overridden.  But that means I'll still be leaking WebRequest 
> objects.  Is it as simple as adding a Site.releaseVobject(vw) method (to 
> delete vw from the vobjectTable, therefore allowing the refcount to 
> eventually reach 0)?  Or am I missing some implications?  I know later on 
> we want to have a smarter, proper gc, but for the simple case...

I think what I was planning on doing to address this is to have the 
vobject table on the site not increase the reference count.  So, you 
could have a "transient" vobject which is still listed on the site, and 
is removed from the site's vobject table by the destructor.

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