I've started putting together a new website in (s4) hypervos at

It's simplified from the current site, and has less info.  As we update things
like documentation for S5 and make releases, we can expand the site.  I make a
wiki page (DraftDocs) that links to some of the random notes and drafts that are
in the wiki, and also links to the old Creating Interreality manual for people
that want more info.

Any comments?

I still have to:
  * Improve the screenshots, either make new ones from the first S5 app
    prototype, or get some old ones
  * Improve the colors a bit
  * Make a new background image
  * Tweak and improve the layout and whitespace. It looks ok on my screen but
    will try a few others.
  * Make some "compatibity" pages from the old site that get some google
  * Add a few more icons and illustrative figures.



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